Friday, December 7, 2012

My Classroom

My classroom is awesome.  It is huge, it is well lit, and it is beautiful.  I am always working on ways to improve it, but I thought you all might be interested to see what it looks like right now.

Sorry for the horrible picture quality...

My Classroom looking North
My classroom looking South

Class rules...too wordy; I know

Colorado Visual Arts Standards related to the Eight Studio Habits of Mind
SLANT stands for Sit up, Listen, Ask and Answer questions,  Nod your head, and Track the speaker

The drawing center
The collage center

Van Gogh knows ears are improtant, what centers are open, and my awesome bathroom pass

Help with writing artist statments

The BORING list

Paint and fibers

Sculpture menu
Printmaking menu

Clay menu
even in Feudal Japan they were On Fire With Art!

The Blue Demon is On Fire With Art

My Art Patio looking at the edge of development...hello Kansas!

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