Friday, December 7, 2012

How often do you see your Artists (students)?

Third Grade.  Sometimes it is amazing to see what
 kids will make on their own.

My school is very large.  Just for fun tonight, I went though my class rosters to see how many students I actually have.  The number is (drumroll....) 750!  Kindergarten through seventh grade...750.  yep.  Do I know all their names?  nope.  But I am trying.

Just when you thought it was safe
 to go back in the water... Seventh Grade

I see my students on a rotating basises, and how frequently depended on how many sections are in that particular grade.  For example: K-2 has five classes each, so I see each class once every five days.  Third grade has four classes, so once every four days.

Fourth Grade.  This represents about 6 weeks worth of work

In the past (before I came to the school) students would get one special for a full week.  I think that sounds sweet.  I would love to have a full week with my students to really focus in instruction and drive longer term projects.  The downside would be the long stents of not seeing my students between weeks, but I think I would be ok with that.

Nice Taco Truck.  Sixth Grade

Two years ago the school had a complete change-over in specialists.   The PE, Music and Art (me) teachers were all new.  Both the Music and PE teacher wanted to see the students more frequently, so I was outvoted and daily rotations ensued.  The music teacher was worried about knowledge retention over the long breaks, and the PE teacher liked having only one setup per week.  I can see where they are coming from, but I would rather have it the other way.

You love Sun's what?  First Grade

I love my team.  We are all very good friends, and I even consider the music teacher a good "outside of school friend."  I really do not want to rustle feathers.  The problem is, I have had quite a few parents, teachers, and students tell me how much they liked the old system and wish it would go back.  Teachers have a hard time following the ever-changing rotation schedule and parents feel that a longer time with one teacher encourages better learning.

KINDERGARTEN! Somebody has been practicing
 his name and numbers!

Do I have any great insight or conclusion for this musing?  Not really.  who knows, maybe someday it will get switched back; it is a very small thing to complain about in the long run.  

What is your schedule like?  Do you see any benefits or shortcomings from either?  Is there another way?


  1. Hi! Just saw your blog on the TAB group the other day so I stopped by. I have more than 760 students, K-6. At my K-3 school, I see every class every week. That is one busy schedule. At my 4-6 school, I see each class every other week. I hope that someday they'll have enough money in the budget to have one full time Art teacher at each elementary school instead of splitting us 1/2 time between 2 schools.

    1. I hope so too! We have several teachers in my district in your same boat.