Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sub Plans

You know I gave this artist a hard time about the corner sun.

I HATE missing school.  I usually take one or no sick days a year, and miss maybe one more for professional development.  This year, however, I am on my district's Art Advocacy Committee.  I have to miss four days of work to rewrite our districts art curriculum.  It is awesome work that I feel very lucky to be part of, but does require me to be out of my classroom.

I think he is ready to join Daft Punk!

Planning for a substitute teacher in a Choice Based art studio is a different beast.  You have to explain the curriculum, the class and sub's expectations, and set everyone up for success.  Here is the plan I have for my substitute, adopted from other TAB teachers.

Thank you for subbing for me today!
Attached is my class schedule, and class lists.

Before students arrive:
Prop open both classroom doors.  Students will always enter the North door and exit the South door.

Students at all levels are accustomed to working in the art room as an art studio. They are very independent and accustomed to conducting themselves as artists. Students set up their own workspaces and materials and clean up and put away what they used, and prepare the room for the next group. In my absence however, they are limited to the following centers:
Construction (Blocks)

*Students may only use ONE white paper each class.  This is to reduce waist and encourage students to finish what they start.  If a student needs another paper tell them to use a “GOOSE” or look in the recycling bin.  They should never throw away a work of art.

Begin each class on the rug at the front of the room. You can introduce yourself, explain the restrictions outlined above, and ask what ideas students have arrived with. After you hear a few good ideas, invite students to begin their work.

15 minutes before class is over, announce that there are 5 minutes to work before clean up , then at 10 minutes before the end of class, announce clean up. I cannot stress enough that cleanup must be emaciate: the students are responsible for the care of the art supplies and classroom, and I hold them to a very high standard.

Students often clean up in five minutes or less, and can meet back at the carpet to share work or ideas. Students may take their work with them, or store in the dry-rack.

Students line up at sinks when it is time to leave, and teacher will arrive to pick them up. Students may go to the bathroom one at a time with the hall pass (toilet seat). I do not let students go to the bathroom until after carpet time or during cleanup/reflection time.

If you have a lesson plan you are comfortable with or excited to try, or something you would like to share with the students, feel free to follow your plan instead. Materials are fairly well marked and accessible; please help yourself to what you need.

After last class:
Leave me a note telling me how things went
Turn out light and close both doors.

 Thank you again!


  1. Having recently entered the world of subbing, this is really nice. In the schools I have subbed in so far, I have been given NO classroom procedures. Really aggravating. But can I be so bold as to correct a couple of typos? (I wouldn't say anything but they really alter the meaning of what you are trying to say.)

    You wrote 'cleanup must be emaciate'. I think you mean 'immaculate'. Someone who is emaciated is really unhealthily skinny.

    And if you 'reduce waist' you are making your body thinner! I think you want to reduce 'waste'!

    Please don't be offended by my corrections. I actually love the document otherwise and wish more teachers would be this specific for their subs. Funny that your instructions are more specific in a choice based program!

    1. Thank you Phyl! I am not the strongest writer, so I always miss things like that. I will be sure to edit my sub plans for next year!