Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blue in the sky

A blue sky...halfway.
How often do you see your students do this?  I am very lucky to have big, beautiful windows that overlook the Colorado planes (and plains...we are on a landing path for DIA) since my school is on the very edge of city development.  I wish they make the school in a mirror image so I could look at the mountains every day instead, but it is still a nice view.  Whenever a student draws the "blue strip sky" I have them look outside and show how to the blue goes allll theee waaaaay dooooowwwn to the ground.
Usually, this is helpful for the student to understand, but today I was thrown for a loop.  After giving a first grade girl my whole long talk about how to color skys she said, "But, why, Mr. Laughlin?  The sky doesn't go all the way down, because you can't touch it."  Love it; a science lesson ensued.

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