Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A new direction....

I have tired on this blog to focus on my art teaching practices.  But things are changing. 

I moved to Europe...that was a big change.

I am now teaching high school art.

And, most importantly to this blog, I am really trying to focus more on my own art making.

I have always been an artist...a maker if you will.  I can not help myself.  Even at times of my life when I felt I was being very artistically unproductive, if I really think about it I suddenly realize, "oh yeah!  I actually made this sculpture, and these three paintings then!"  I might have just pushed them out of my mind because the did not feel "good enough" or something.

So, I want to shift this blog; it has been too quiet for too long anyway!  Instead of only focusing on art education (specifically TAB) I also want to talk about my art, and how I try to be an artist and an educator. 

I do not claim to be an expert in this.  It is actually something I struggle with every day.  But, maybe, we can figure some stuff out together.

This summer, before my move to Kiev, I gave away all of my artwork.  I'm nuts, I know.  It was a very cleansing experience, like watching your children go off into the world on their own for the first time.  I once heard someone say, "Do not be the greatest collector of your own work."  And I was.  I had piles of painting and drawings that were good, but not being seen.  Now dear friends can enjoy them; they can have an audience.  It was wonderful.

All the paintings in this post is my own work from this summer.  All the paintings in this post now live in another person's home (mostly other art teachers!).  It makes me very, very happy to think about that.

Here are a few more of my children now out in the wild:

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