Saturday, August 17, 2013

How often do you see your Artists (students)? - Part 2

Here in Aurora, Colorado we are already in our second week of school! Things have been going very well so far and it is looking to be a really great year.  I have some cool stuff in the works, that I will share with you all soon!
Our school is finally a full-grown PK-8 grade, and is now the largest school in the city.  Remember last year how amazed I was that I taught 750 students?  Well this year that number has gone up... it is now...

Wait for it...


Can you believe it? Twelve hundred students making amazing art; twelve hundred names to learn; twelve hundred smiles to earn.  I am pumped!

Our administration has been great with the jump in numbers and made sure the electives have enough staffing this year.  We are now offering 10 electives:  Boy's and Girl's PE, Band, Choir, Drama, Spanish, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Yoga, and little old me at Art.  It is so cool we get to offer all these classes this year.

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